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Customs Brokerage

We take the hassle out of international trade with our expert Customs Brokerage services. Our dedicated team specializes in handling all the essential documentation and logistics required for the smooth import and export of goods across international borders.

CargoTrans is a Nationally Permitted U.S. Customs Broker

This grants us the authority to directly submit Customs Entries on behalf of Importers throughout all U.S. ports of entry.

Our experienced entry specialists ensure that shipments are processed efficiently and timely with innovative and continuously improving techniques. Our dedicated professionals are focused on the customer and we provide specific care on every single shipment to make sure they are in compliance with all regulatory agency requirements.

Our technology and streamlined processes combined with a highly motivated staff minimizes the time involved in the release process

Customs House Brokerage Services:

  • Consumption Entry Services
  • ISF Entry Services
  • Export Customs Clearance (SED)
  • Warehouse Entry & Withdrawal Services
  • Drawback Services
  • ACH Automated Clearinghouse
  • Pre-clearance Services
  • Passenger Clearance Services
  • RLF (Remote Location Filer) and Aii (Automated Invoice Interface) Approved
  • TIB (Temporary Importation Bonds)
  • Carnet Clearances
  • U.S. / Canada, U.S. / Mexico Border Services
  • Bonded Warehouse Management
  • Foreign Trade Zone Management
  • Reconciliation Entry Services
  • Fairs and Exposition Entry Services
  • Classification and Compliance Services
  • Other Government Agency (OGA) Consultation Services (i.e. FDA, FWL, USDA, EPA, ATF, etc.)

We focus on our customers’ business and understand the critical aspects, risks and benefits of specific industries.

Learn about our Trade Compliance Management