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The West Coast may again be the “best” coast after settling the ILWU contract uncertainty, Panama Canal drought issues, and rate deterioration.

Panama Canal

We are consistently seeing a noticeable increase in transit times  (+ 5-6 days) for vessels passing through the Panama Canal due to weight restrictions.

Sea Freight

Europe → North America

Blank sailing and vessel sliding continue to counter market pricing erosion.

Asian + Indian Subcontinent

Rates sliding through the end of September and disappearing gains from August triggered carriers of all three alliances to respond with a heavy hand of blank sailings, cutting capacity by 25-50%.

Air Freight


The launch of iPhone15 and other consumer electronics as well as heavy e-commerce business from SE Asian Countries as well as HK and China, has triggered rate increases across the board.

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In Other News…

  • From 2018-2022 Exports to US from India increased by 44% while China dropped 10% – The International According to BCG’s calculations, the average cost of Indian-made goods imported into the US is 15% lower compared to goods manufactured in the US. In contrast to, Chinese goods offer only 4% cost advantage.
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  • Aging Cold Storage Capacity at 2.3 million square feet – Cold storage warehousing in the US can’t keep up with growing demand for capacity in the sector, with more than 70% of existing assets too old to be energy efficient and speculative builds deemed too risky given they’re triple the cost of dry warehouses and highly specific to each tenant’s needs.
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  • Mexico is attractive, but not without its own special trials and tribulations – Mexican officials are trying to stem the flow of migrants headed for the US, which has forced the suspension of some rail operations and truck processing at major border crossings.
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