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Your network and all your company’s data is at risk of being breached.

Like, it might have already happened. The fact is, the only 100% safe network is one that’s turned off, disconnected and holds absolutely no valuable information. Oh, and don’t let anyone use it. Not even your workforce.

The Shipping industry is under cyberattack in multiple ways.

Cybersecurity was ranked as the second-highest risk for shipping in 2019, behind natural disasters. Shipping companies have been victims of cyberattacks in the past. AP Moeller-Maersk suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages when the NotPetya malware infiltrated its corporate systems in 2017.

Cyber Pirates aren’t as cool as they sound.

Even old school pirating is getting an upgrade with cyber weapons. Pirates infiltrate operator systems, examine bills and manifestos to identify targets before attacking. Instead of boarding and holding crews hostage for days, pirates board, scan containers with handheld devices, identify specific items, remove and disembark a ship within hours and potentially millions of dollars in booty. They can even scramble communications so the Coast Guard and other authorities won’t know they have boarded until they’ve left and sailed very far away.

The industry’s dependence on electronic systems to navigate ships and monitor engine operations highlights the need to make cybersecurity a priority.

The call is coming from inside the house!

As technology advances to make business and our lives simpler, these innovations are also being used for nefarious purposes. Instead of attacking security software, cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in the employee network. In the past year, a UK company was scammed out of nearly a quarter of a million dollars by criminals using AI deepfake voice technology. This is some Mission Impossible type nonsense. It’s the first widely publicized case but it sure as all-get-out won’t be the last. What it truly shows is…

The “Human Firewall”

Your employees are your weakest security link.

You can have all the software in all the world fighting to keep criminals out of your systems but even they can only provide some of the much-needed protection. If you want to know how pirates and other cyber villains are getting insider information to attack your systems you need to look at your workforce, the “Human Firewall”. Your last line of defense – your employees – is also your weakest. But it’s not entirely their fault. Phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and harder to spot. Without training.

Phishing is a form of Social Engineering, it’s the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Global information security is set to be a $170+ billion industry by 2022. Cyberattacks are expected to rise and be way trickier through the use of AI, deepfakes and very official-looking emails.

You gotta train. You gotta.

Mandatory cybersecurity training sessions are a must. Net Health CIO Jason James stresses that when security is everyone’s responsibility, behavior changes. Use your security and hacker tactics to your advantage. Create phishing attacks that are relevant to your users. If it’s tax season, send links to download digital W-2s from a non-business email address.

The purpose is not to make every employee paranoid to open every email but to be vigilant and highlight possible schemes criminals could use to steal personal and business information. If you can make it ‘fun’ even better. Let everyone feel like they’re the secret agent in a spy movie. It will help get people excited about it and also make employees more likely to share concerns with coworkers and IT admin about dubious-looking emails.

What is CargoTrans doing?

Among other things, CargoTrans is using KnowBe4 to help train employees on how to spot phishing scams and address security breaches.

What you should know now: KNOWBE4

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps businesses manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. They have a huge amount of awards, including the Gartner Security Awareness Training – Leadership placement in Magic Quadrant award 5 years running.

KnowBe4 knows that the traditional once a year training in cybersecurity doesn’t cut it anymore. Cyber attackers don’t attack technology, they go after the weakest link: your employees. KnowBe4 expertly trains employees to spot and remain vigilant in flagging and avoiding attempted phishing scams, in email, phone, and even social media. To do this, they have enlisted the ‘world’s most famous hacker,’ Kevin Mitnick. During their training, employees will experience actual attacks and live demonstrations.

KnowBe4 has hacked the training system.

Instead of programs that take months and are fragmented, KnowBe4 is a cloud-based learning experience that shows employees to identify and neutralize phishing scams, malware, social engineering and other attacks. It also allows managers to easily arrange and schedule tests to ensure employees are up to date with their awareness of cyberattack training.

Cybersecurity is on you.

It’s on us and it’s on your employees. Through training, putting the multi-step process for actions like wire transfers, frequently testing ALL employees (execs too) are following established protocol security breaches can be minimized. The cyber-world might feel dangerous at times but when businesses and employees work together, we can make the world and our industry’s data a little bit safer.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.