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Plan for Chinese New Year with these 5 Simple Tips!

It’s hard to believe that another Chinese New Year (CNY) Holiday is upon us. This year, on February 16th, we celebrate the Dog – aww – it’s the symbol of loyalty and honesty. Who doesn’t trust their dog – right? People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature- duh! They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart (GENIUSES), straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. WOOF!

Now back to shipping and what this means for your supply chain…


1. Stay connected with your suppliers:

Request constant updates on production as well as clarity on the date they will resume operations. Do not forget to factor in how long it takes for certain production lines to start up again. Some manufacturers take 4-6 weeks to ramp up again. Keep in mind many workers never return to their posts – imagine going on vacation and never going back to your job! WOOF! Keep dreaming!

2. Pre-book space and alert your forwarder immediately:

Although space has not been an issue for importers in recent years, times are changing – it’s always best to have peace of mind. Think about that time you took the entire family to Disney and did not book rides in advance of your arrival at the park. You won the “Worst Parent of the Year” award! Still paying for that family therapy bill, aren’t you?

3. Look at alternate routes:

The U.S. is a BIGLY, HUGE, ENORMOUS, THE BIGGEST country on Earth (fake news?) and considering winter is upon us, shipping to the West Coast may not only save you time and money but also save you a considerable amount of stress (real news). If you require assistance with west coast transloading, warehousing or fulfillment please email us – (real people respond)!

4. Overcommunicate with your customers:

Keep them updated and be like the DOG – honest, straightforward and have a strong sense of responsibility. They’re counting on you to meet certain deadlines. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of BARKING on that line!

5. Last resort: – Book a vacation!

Well maybe for your POOCH! Air/LCL is always an option for partial purchase orders that will not make the last sailing cut-off prior to CNY.

CargoTrans Staff

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