The value of visibility.

Visibility is now a key customer requirement and CargoTrans’ reporting and web tracking capabilities give you 24/7 access to tracking information through our customized and automated reports, as well as a feature-rich online portal. CargoTrans doesn’t just increase your operational productivity, we increase your visibility too. Giving you the peace of mind that your shipment is on target and on time.

Our customers can be confident that their goods are in safe hands. Our industry-wide capabilities are fully integrated with reporting capabilities and a web-based tracking module that lets you monitor the status of goods, orders and shipments, quickly, easily and in real time. Giving our customers access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

Customized Reporting

Data delivered to your inbox.

Don’t want to deal with another username & password? No problem! Our systems can push the data into your inbox in any format– XLS, PDF, etc.

  • Automated reports sent from our system – you choose the time/frequency of reports
  • Customizable columns & data
  • XLS & CSV formats help recipients easily manipulate data


Complete transparency of our operations.

Provide us with an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and we will translate it into our system.

  • 24×7 access to cargo, shipment and freight tracking information
  • Monitor shipments quickly and easily in real-time
  • Setup company user ID’s, password and access levels
  • Customizable look and feel

Here’s the keys, you can drive!