Our single-platform solution that puts productivity at the center of the supply chain.

Our single-platform software solution was built upon a single guiding principle: increasing your productivity. It’s an enterprise-class management system for logistics businesses wanting improved integration, automation and communication with the supply chain: global capabilities for a global industry.

It integrates you with your customers and partners, it streamlines your processes and increases the efficiency, visibility and profitability of your operations. It’s the cloud-based software solution for increasing productivity in everything you do.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of a diverse industry. Whether you’re a small-to-medium-sized business, our highly modular and feature-rich system allows you to increase productivity where you need it the most. Whatever sector of the logistics industry your business serves, our system is the smart solution for supply chain success.

eHub Interface

Electronic B2E / E2B (Business to Enterprise / Enterprise to Business) integration improves business productivity, data accuracy and customer service. eHub is a simple, flexible solution to connect clients, trading partners, and 3PLs to our system.

Advanced electronic integration is now vital for a successful supply chain but many smaller businesses lack the in-house expertise to make the most of the technology. For these customers, CargoTrans offers an eHub service: a simple and flexible solution to connect our systems with trading partners using their own platforms. Our expert eHub team handles all the setup, mapping and maintenance, meaning no additional hardware or software investments for you.

Our technology team will work with you to deliver the interface and connections you need. With our wealth of integration experience, development and implementation are quick and hassle free.

We’ll assist with project management to analysis and delivery. Our EDI/eHub interface supports the majority of industry message formats and transport protocols to ensure connectivity with customers and partners. Our eHub messages are hosted in a global data center so you’ll have the security of knowing your connection is safe, stable and reliable.

  • B2E/E2B integration
  • Supports industry formats- EDIFACT, X12, XML, CSV, SAP IDOC, etc.
  • Supports most protocols- FTP, SMTP/POP3, HTTP, SFTP, HTTPS, SOAP, etc.

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